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A Beautiful Studio for Hair & Skin.
  • VIOLET was established in 2010, owned and supervised by Rashmi jignesh chaudhari, a devoted and expert beautician.
  • VIOLET provides you a complete range of beauty treatments and services, suitable to every girls need, under one roof. We provide you beautiful, pleasant and clean interiors with quick services given by our team of skilled and dedicated beauticians.
  • VIOLET aims in providing world class beauty services at affordable prices, with maximum client satisfaction.
  • “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholders” as it is truly said, inner beauty of oneself is sufficient to judge a person, we ONLY believe in enhancing your true self.
  • Marriage is the virtuous exploration of love in its purest form and pleasure in its higher state a bond of two different souls united to become ‘SOULMATES’.
  • It’s every girls dream since childhood to become most ‘beautiful bride’ one day.
  • To make your dreams come true, WE VIOLET BRIDAL STUDIO, offer you girls a complete range of services HD makeup, Hair styling, Drapes, spa and other cosmetic enhancements to make you one of the most beautiful bride on earth.
  • VIOLET” as the name implies is as fresh and colorful as a flower offering you a clean, hygienic environment, quick and wonderful services with package discounts and hospitality.
  • So, go for it girls and give us a chance to share your most beautiful day with us!
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Rashmi Jignesh Chaudhari


RASHMI JIGNESH CHAUDHARI is a devoted and reputed beautician, trained under the guidance of renowned beautician and cosmetologist, Shahnaz Hussain.

She specializes in various hair design with styling, skin care services along with bridal make over. Besides, she possess complete knowledge about various beauty product and their distinct usages. Her services includes various pedicure, manicure, skin care and skin complexion enhancement, massaging, along with practical knowledge of unwanted hair removal such as waxing and threading.

She had an excellent communicative nature with appreciative time management for various cosmetic services.

Her only dream is to make VIOLET, a wonderful haven for women enhancing their beauties with maximum satisfaction.